Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Hinky Hanky for Necky Becky

This is a little scalloped edge hanky thing I made. Just like 99 % of the crochet I do it's reciepient was unknown to me. I don't plan projects out per say... I have a general idea of who may like the piece. This one was sort of done with my Mom in mind. She loves purple and she appreciates my creations. But I didn't talk to her or see her for over a week after I made this. [There was no specific occasion either] Then when Becky saw it, she wanted it. She was helping me with my housework so I was glad that i could give her a gift. I made a really nice cotton crochet pouch a couple of months ago... Not a CLUE who would be the recipient. It was shaping up really nice. Looked endeliably phalic. As I was finishing it up, I got a surprise visit from my nephew, Ray. Hadn't seem him in years. I was showing off my new sweet crochet skills and he was 'taken' by the pouch. It was then at that instant that I knew this pouch was for him. To hold his toothpaste and toothbrush of course!
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