Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amateur Artworks & Another Stitch Moment

Such a good dog! I love this little guy. This is a picture I drew on my Nintendo DS with a program called 'Colors'. I's a homebrew program. That means that nintendo didn't make it, someone who knows how to make stuff like this made it. It's a progran where you can paint. It's set apart from the other similiar paint programs that are out there becasue you can send your drawing to an e-mail address via the Nintendo DS wireless internet. I could play it all day. But then when would I crochet? I did this drawing yesterday.

I like drawing girls in a row. I've done several.

Check This one out.

This hansome dog is so well behaved and cuter than anyone knows... I left my camera over at my mom's or else I would post the pictures of his 'girlfriend', a dog we rescued from the street a few days ago. We had her overnight, and the next day we took her to the pound to see if she had a micro chip and she DID!

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