Saturday, September 6, 2008

For the love of Stitch...

Stitch Dog, Itch Dog,
Wicked Little Witch Dog...

My dog is named Stitch. He was named that by the first family that he lived with. He has ears like the little blue monster from that Disney movie. He can be mischievous, just like the Stitch in the movie. For most of time, he is a complete joy to be around. The name suits him well. He loves to play with his 'babies'. He has never once had an accident in the house. He has a very obedient nature and he's smart as a whip. He is real eager to please and quick to learn. This dog has the most 'tricks' of any dog I've known. I recently taught him to say 'Hello.' He's only about 2 years old, still acts like a pup. Have you ever seen a dog as cute as this? Can you guess what kind of dog this is? (yah he's a mutt. But what kind of mutt?) I was told that he is a dachshund - lab mix. (That's a Daschsador.) But every single dachsador I've seen has been in photos on the internet and they all have the floppy ears. I get asked by strangers all th time, "What kind of dog is that?" I've been known to say that he's a "Texas Chihuahua". If Texas did have thier own kind of chihuahua, it would be the same as a regular one, only bigger. Right? This dog looks very much like a giant chihuahua from Texas. He has slick fur like a seal. My friend, Courtney used to call him 'Seal Headed Baby'. He acts really babyish, real cuddly. He never (almost never) licks anyone. If he gives a kiss, it's a special deal. He will give you a little nose nudgy, but for the toungue to actually lick the face is rare.
I can go on and forever about the little guy. I'm not feeling really well right now. I've been queasy this morning.

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