Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to Bookworm!

This is the Bookworm that I crocheted for my boyfriend's Ma. She just celebrated a birthday which this little guy was supposed to be a gift. He wasn't quite ready in time. He was, however, completed in perfect time for the day which she finally achieved the HIGH SCORE for the game. She had been playing vigilantly for a couple of months and the record High Score (which was held by Billy) remained in tact. Since she was so proud of her achievement, we honored her by presenting her with the crochet version of her favorite game mascot. I made his little eyeglasses from some coated crafting wire I had. He is stuffed with cut up plastic grocery bags because I had no poly fiber fill. I did not make a pattern - I can barely follow one. I inserted a nice plastic coated stick in him so he could be a plant poker. He's posted up in a potted violet right by where Ma plays Bookworm. This is my very first amigurumi. Now I want to make all sorts of happy little ami's.
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