Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh Ya, I used to blog .

Since I started playing these games on facebook, I forgot all about blogging. I'm the only one that reads it. I just miss having this space for free expression that I can just add my stuff to the pile. Facebook games are so fun. I had no idea how very consuming they can be. I know for the last 6 months if I was fortunate enough to be online, I wasn't blogging. I was virtual farming, farkling, or facebooking in some way. I prefer FarmVille to FarmTown but it didn't start out that way. I turned my nose to yoville and i accidentally got my all time hightest Pathwords score EVER while logged in as my mom. I was It's been quite an educational and empowering 6 months. I had no idea of myIt strength. Heroic. Believe in this one thing, everything happens for a reason. When you least expect it, you'll have an eye opening moment of understanding. Orale.

I've been crocheting more than EVER. I'm way faster now, too. Practice makes perfect. I've got
some good designs of my own that I'm going to try and make patterns up for. If I get that done, I'll put them up here. Right now, nobody else reads this. Some Free Crochet Patterns may change that. We'll see. There's Tica modeling a hat I made while travelling to and from Csasino Morongo.
I'm working on a 'Hooker Bag'. It's a tote bag for your
yarn and hooks that says HOOKER real big and above it really small it says 'crochet'.

Here's a handy stitch generating website. You can use to generate any text you want. I don't do cross stitch, but there's two fonts that are done in back stitch. I like back stitch. There's another one at



  1. How do you know your the only one who reads this blog? Farmtown over Farmville!!! I believe everything does happen for a reason. Its just not always clear what reasoning was behind the decisions that the people we love make. It leaves you asking "what could they be thinking." I do realize that it had to be someone out of the circle that nobody knows. Using someone nobody knows will keep it from coming back on you in the future, I get that. I just can't help but feel you could have taken a much easier path than the one you are taking. I don't exactly know why its bothered me so much. Its more than just being jealous or race. I was fine when you were with Billie. You seemed truly happy for a while and I felt like that was where you belonged. I wish I felt the same way about So.gate, but I don't. As much as I can't support your decision I don't want to abandaned you either. We have years invested in this friendship and I would hate to see it all go to waste.

  2. Good thing you got over yourself and we're still friends, eh?