Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I found a Hello Kitty Bow pattern. From Melissa in Italy...

She states that it was inspired by Minnie Mouse. But right when I saw it, I thought of Hello Kitty. I found Melissa's blog back in the summer when I learned to crochet. But I found myself there again cause I made a widget on my iGoogle that is her blog, um.... I put a widget of her blog rss feed. I put that one there on my page of iGoogle. I made some of her patterns over the summer. I made the lotus blossom bracelet. And I love the bow nectie necklace. Melissa, you're the shit! Girl, you inspire me. What that really means is that I try to follow a pattern, and I end up with my own rendition every time... It's with all patterns--not just these. So much inspired by your cool designs. But never actually becoming the same. Anyway.... here's Melissa's Hello Kitty Bow.

It's for Girls!

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